From the Pastor’s Desk, May 22


This past Sunday on Pentecost I told the church I was thankful for its witness and I am. I said, “It is a true blessing to sit in a congregation in the South where brothers and sisters of every color are welcomed, included, and loved. Having lived in many parts of the south I can tell you that it is much more common for the church to be divided by color than to be united as God’s people. I know that it is God that has worked in and through the church and that our church can and is an example to others of what the church should be”. Bethel was the first church I was a part of that wasn’t divided by color on Sunday mornings. It was a blessing to me while in seminary to be formed by a congregation that viewed all people as important and valuable members of the body of Christ. Today our world seems even more divided. We are divided politically, socially, and the church especially in the south is still divided by ethnicity on Sunday mornings. Not Bethel though! Our little congregation in Mississippi is shining the light of Christ out to the world. Every time we meet our diversity shines, from having a woman pastor, a wonderful organist and his family who are from India, and members who are both black and white you can’t help, but see that we are diverse. Bethel is a wonderful reflection of Christ and I am thankful for Bethel!  Rev. Melissa

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