May 29, 2018


This past Sunday on Memorial Day weekend we had a GREAT crowd at church. It was wonderful to have new friends and family visitors join us for worship! In the summer there is so much for people do like trips to the lake, vacations, and family celebrations that church attendance often declines. While we want everyone to enjoy their summer holiday we also want people to know how much we miss them when they are not able to be in worship. Have you noticed anyone who has missed a Sunday or two lately? If so why not check in on them? Give them a call, send them a text, check in on social media, or send them a card in the mail. Just let them know that you noticed they weren’t in worship. If they have been sick ask how the church can help and if there are specific prayer requests they have, if they have been traveling inquire about their trip, if they have been at family reunion ask about the event, or simply let them know that they were missed. Everyone wants to feel needed and cared for and it could make someone’s day to let them know you have missed them. You might even think about reaching out to someone who hasn’t been to church in a long time and let them know what is going on at Bethel. When they return let us be ready to welcome them with open arms and even throw a feast just like the Father did for the Prodigal Son.

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