You ARE Beautiful



Today at Gentle Yoga the sweetest little lady made my day.  She is a kind woman who visits the class from a neighboring church.  She is there pretty much every week and when she was late today everyone was worried, but she made it just like always.  She has even joined us for a J.O.Y. group meal before and it never fails that when she is around my spirit is lifted. Why is that, well she always has something positive to say.  Today she grabbed my hand and said you ARE beautiful. The last time I saw her she said to me your beautiful because God shines through you and today she reminded me of that again.  Now most days I feel far from beautiful, but her kind words help me remember that we are more than what we look like on the outside. We are all beautiful children of God and as Psalm 139 says let us praise God for we are fearfully and wonderfully made!  Child of God you ARE beautiful.

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