Family Day


Everything about the Family Day Celebration yesterday was wonderful! Special thanks to Nancy, the Deacons, Deana, and everyone who worked hard to make the day special!  It was wonderful having so many family and friends at church, the food was tasty, and the decorations were extra special!  Not to mention how much fun we all had playing games, winning prizes, and dressing up for fun pictures. 

One thing about worship I find special every week is the passing of the peace. The whole church comes to life as we share Christ’s peace with one another. Yesterday, Madeline, my daughter, and I were walking down the aisle so I could shake hands and another young lady, Emma ran up to Madeline with her arms outstretched and they hugged. How wonderful it was to witness these two children share the Peace of Christ! To share Christ’s love with a neighbor with such enthusiasm and sincerity was beautiful. 

The little child will lead us! Isaiah 11:6

Rev. Melissa   

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