J.O.Y. Group


December 4th will be our next date to meet for lunch!  Even though that’s more than 2 weeks away, reservations will need to be made as we plan on going to Byhalia to visit Thistledome.

Thistledome’s serves soup, sandwich, dessert, drink + tip for $15.00, but only with prior reservations.  So, give it some thought and if you’d like to dine with us, please advise Nancy by November 27 so Charlotte can contact Jill at Thistledome.  This will be a cool mini holiday adventure with a nice ambiance.  Will leave in time to Christmas shop a little, eat, then shop some more!

Feel free to join us for the fellowship, shopping, to eat or all of the above!  as always friends are welcome we will just need the rsvp by November 27.

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