Community- a feeling of fellowship with others.

Throughout the last several weeks many of us have missed our sense of community. We have missed the feeling of fellowship with one another.  We miss visiting before church, worshiping together, learning in Sunday School, eating out as the J.O.Y. Group, fellowship meals, and service opportunities. We have missed celebrating special events with our church community like Easter Sunday service, the Easter Egg hunt, and we will even miss Homecoming this year. It is sad being separated from our community. Yet, we want our community to return, to gather together once again and be strong and healthy so we stay at a distance. That is how much we love our community! We love it enough to endure a bit of heartache so that those we love will be safe. 

During this time I have seen our little church step up and be the community even from afar and I give thanks to God for our community. Here are a few ways I have witnessed you being the community from afar. Members have dropped off food donations, made masks, sent cards, called to check on one another, and reached out in new and safe ways. Members have continued to support the church through their tithes and offerings. The church has made the commitment to care for all the church staff by paying salaries during this exceptional time.  We have shared posts, sermons, and Sunday School lessons not only with our community that gathers at Bethel, but with a larger community of friends, loved ones, and those we know on social media. Probably, the most important way we have been the community is by praying for the greater community and doing our part to flatten the curve. 

Instead of getting smaller during this time our community has expanded and for that I give thanks!  I give thanks for each and every person who is part of our community. 


Rev. Melissa 

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  1. sacheeese says:

    Thank you, Rev. Melissa. I think we all needed to hear this message today. If anything, the bond between the people who love Bethel has grown stronger and we probably have a deeper appreciation for the church and its members.


    1. bethelpcusa says:

      I think you are right. We often appreciate the things that are part of everyday life more when we are removed from them. The old saying distance makes the heart grow fonder is very true. I am thankful our love is growing even when we can’t gather together! Rev. Melissa


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