May 10th Service


Happy Mother’s Day! Wishing all the women a blessed day. Today we will join together in a litany blessing for all women before the epistle scripture reading.  The picture above shares with you Proverbs 31:25 and while we are all blessed to know many women who possess both strength and dignity having no fear of the future is much harder these days.  The King James Version translates this passage as, “strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in the time to come.”  Let us be like the virtuous woman Proverbs speaks of and rejoice in the time to come for our hope comes from the Lord.

Thank you once again to Dave Caudill and Chip Houston for providing special music for us during this time. You will find special  Mother’s Day selections before and after the sermon. To view the special music click on the Youtube links provided.

You will find today’s service by clicking here.

You will find videos of the music by clicking here and here.


Rev. Melissa

2 Comments Add yours

  1. sacheeese says:

    Thank you, again, Rev. Melissa. Thanks also to Dave and Chip for the sweet music.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies.


    1. bethelpcusa says:

      Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you.


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