May 24th Service


Today let us give thanks.  Today and everyday we give thanks for our Lord, Jesus Christ who sits on the right hand of God and rules.

We give thanks this holiday weekend as we remember. It is Memorial Day weekend a time when we should pause and give thanks for the sacrifice so many in the Armed Services have made for us. Let us join together as we pray.

A prayer from the Book of Common Worship (1946), adapted

 Eternal God:  we rejoice in all who have lived and died faithfully.  We give you thanks for all blessed memories and all enduring hopes; for the ties that bind us to the unseen world; for all the heroic dead who encompass us like a cloud of witnesses.  We pray that we who have entered into the heritage of their heroism self-sacrifice may so honor their memory and so preserve and further their high purposes that the nation which they defended may stand in all coming years for righteousness and peace; through Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours.  Amen.

You will find this Sunday’s service including patriotic music provided by Dave Caudill and Chip Houston before and after the sermon by clicking here.

You may view the music by clicking here and here


Rev. Melissa

4 Comments Add yours

  1. sacheeese says:

    Thank you. Thanks to Dave and Chip for your contribution to the service as well. God bless our country.


    1. bethelpcusa says:

      Thank you! Have a blessed weekend.


  2. Nancy Jones says:

    Rev. Melissa, Your effort to give us eye-opening info and spiritual awareness is appreciated.
    Dave & Chip, Your music was fantastic. I’ll listen to it more than once, for sure. Many thanks. Nancy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bethelpcusa says:

      Thank you! Pray you have a blessed weekend.


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