In Person Worship Resumes


Dear Bethel Church Family,

The Bethel Session has voted to resume in person worship beginning Sunday June, 7th.

Bethel will only resume worship at 11:15 AM on Sundays.  There will be no small groups such as Sunday School, PW, J.O.Y. Group, Children’s Church, or any other activities during the week so that we can minimize the use of the building to maintain safety for those worshiping on Sundays.  We know that not all are ready to return to in person worship and will continue to provide the sermon and music on Sundays for those worshiping from home.  I will post those on the website, Facebook, and e-mail to those who would rather have an e-mail on Sunday afternoons.
We will be striving to follow best practices and social distancing measures to insure the safety of all.  A few things to note as in person worship begins.
  1. We will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall to allow for proper social distancing and to help ease the cleaning process.
  2. We ask that everyone enter the double doors from the outside and once inside to please remain seated.
  3. We ask that you sit in family household groups.  Children will remain in worship and must sit with their families.
  4. Please wear a mask during the entire service because we will be singing and reading in unison during the service.  If you do not have a mask one will be provided.
  5. We will not have greeters so you will need to pick up your bulletin and song sheets as you enter and toss them on your way out.
  6. We will not pass the offering plates.  You may place your offering in the plates close to the door on your way in or out of the service.
  7. There will be hand sanitizer placed near doors and restrooms for your convenience.
  8. We will partake in Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month.  We have prepackaged communion and wafer cups and you will be directed how to receive those during the service.
  9. There will be no Children’s Time or Passing the Peace during the service.
  10. We will dismiss by row and exit out the double doors to outside.  Please do not congregate and fellowship inside of the church.
This policies are designed to help us stay safe and will be revisited as we move forward or as things with Covid-19 change.
Rev. Melissa

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