Time to Pray


Each Monday at 10 A.M. the session asks that we join together in prayer for our world, nation, those who are suffering from Covid-19, and an end to the pandemic.  Please take a few minutes and pray however and wherever you are.  The following is a prayer provided by the denomination to help guide us in our time of prayer.


A Prayer in the Midst of the Coronavirus
God of labyrinthian journeys, thank you for walking with us through paths that lead to places that center us, not confusing and blocking our progress like mazes. Thank you for being present with us, even when we forget you are with us. Thank you for the witnesses we have to your faithfulness and love for generation after generation. Thank you, God, for being with Sarai and Abraham as they traveled to places they did not choose, lands foreign to them and challenges they did not design. Thank you, God, for Shiprah and Puah, the midwives to the Hebrews, who risked their lives to make sure new life thrived, letting their commitment to you and to the community take priority. Thank you, God, for being with Naomi and Ruth as they return to Bethlehem after the death of loved ones, for their courage to stay steadfast to one another and to you, and the abundant harvest they found where there once was famine. Thank you, God, for the gift of Mary, who anointed Jesus with costly perfume, reminding us that caring for the body of Christ is primary for us all. Finally, we give thanks for leaders in our midst throughout time who have showed us the way forward as prophets, preachers, pastors and shepherds. Journey with us, O God, in the tumult, twists and turns of this coronavirus crisis, and lead us to a place centered on your love, trust, promise and new life that conquers all. In the name of the one who created us, redeems us, and sustains us, our One God. Amen.
— The Rev. Dr. Lee Hinson-Hasty, Senior Director of Theological Education Funds Development, Presbyterian Foundation

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  1. sacheeese says:

    Thank you.


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