August 30th Service


This week we continue to hear Moses’s story in our Old Testament lectionary reading. We meet Moses as he encounters God at the burning bush and God calls him to save God’s people. The man who once felt like a ‘stranger in a strange land’ now has found home with God.

Listen to today’s service by clicking here.


Thanks once again to the talented Dave Caudill and Chip Houston for providing the music for the service. It is always a blessing to hear Dave play.  You may view the music by clicking here and here.

Thanks to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library Madeline received the book pictured below in the mail this week.  How fitting for today’s message.  It says, “Home is a feeling you take with you.”



Rev. Melissa

2 Comments Add yours

  1. sacheeese says:

    Thanks again. Miss everyone so much.


    1. bethelpcusa says:

      Thank you for all your leadership during this time!


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