Monday Prayer

O God, be with us in our waiting.  We long for a bit of normalcy in our lives and yet we wait.  We desire to worship You in person, together, and safely and yet we wait.  We hope to celebrate the birth of Christ with merriment and glee and yet we wait.  We pray for an end to death and sickness from this virus and yet we wait.  It seems that the longer we wait O God the darker it becomes.  We are people of the light and during this Advent season we especially hold on to the hope that the light will shine in the darkness once more. 

We give you thanks this day for glimmers of hope and glimpses of light.  We thank you for the vaccine and all who have worked hard to create it.  We pray for smooth delivery processes, for those who will be administering the vaccine, and for all who will receive it in this first wave.  May the vaccine work well and help to end the pandemic.  In Christ the light of the world’s name we pray.  Amen. 

Rev. Melissa

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