Monday Prayer

A Lenten Confession.

We confess, O God, that the world is a mess of our own making.

We have worshipped the idols of power and mone at the expense of those you created in your own image.

In so doing, we have suppressed the image of God.

This way is not your way.

We confess, O God, that we live in fear of the future, of the past, and of the present.

Our pandemic weariness has left us without enough time or energy for you or for our neighbors.

In our weariness and fear, we are short-tempered and impatient with ourselves and with one another.

Too often, we forget to offer anyone grace.

This way is not your way.

We confess, Holy One, you are here with us. Though we feel forgotten, you are always with us, even to the end of the age.

You bring order out of chaos, beauty out of mess, life out of death.

Ashes can nourish new life.

When a phoenix burns, it is from the ashes that it returns to life.

You, Creator, are gathering us up, nourishing us, and strengthening us to rise out of the ashes that surround us.

We are choosing to believe that we are on the precipice of new life.

This way is your way. Amen.

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