March 28th Service

“Hosanna in the highest!  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”  Greetings to you on this blessed Palm Sunday.  This is the beginning of Holy Week and we celebrate like always singing our praise to the King of Kings, but never forgetting what happened to Christ during this week.  

You will find today’s service by clicking here.

Thanks to Dave Caudill and Chip Houston for sharing their musical gifts and talents with us each week during the pandemic.  You may listen to a musical selection by clicking here.

We have exciting news to share!  Beginning next Sunday, April 4th, which is Easter we will begin having in person worship in the sanctuary.  We will continue to have safe practices in place like social distancing and wearing masks to protect our most vulnerable.  We also know everyone is not ready to return to in person worship and will continue to post the service online.  We hope to see you in worship at 11:15 AM next Sunday to celebrate Easter and receive communion.


Rev. Melissa

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