August 29th Service

This week we have much that lays heavy on our hearts.  We are concerned for all that is taking place in the world.  Let us lift up to God our concerns and cares.  Please pray for our soldiers, innocent people caught in the midst of war torn nations, for those who have faced and will face the threat and aftermath of natural disaster, those who have upcoming surgeries, those who are recovering, those who are homebound, those who grieve, for children, parents, teachers, and leaders as they face the threat of Covid-19 in schools, and  for all of us as we seek to stay safe during the pandemic.  Our hearts are heavy, O Lord.  Hear our prayers.

Today, we hear Jesus’s words about what is truly important.  It isn’t what we appear to be on the outside.  What is in our hearts is what matters most.  

You may listen to today’s sermon by clicking HERE.


Rev. Melissa

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