September 26th Service

This week our hearts are full of hard questions.  In the midst of violence so close to home, tragedies, the pandemic, illness, and the hardships of life we ask why.  Why?  Why is there so much pain in the world?  Why is there so much violence?  Why must bad things happen to good people?  Why can’t love win and hate cease?  All we can do sometimes it seems is pray and turn those questions over to God.  Today, let us lift up the Collierville community to God in prayer as they deal with the aftermath of the tragedy and loss.

Last Sunday we talked about hard questions and this week we will focus on hard truths.  Truths like we should not be a stumbling block and that we have a responsibility for how we respond to all that life puts in our way.  

You may listen to the sermon by clicking HERE.

In Christ,
Rev. Melissa

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