April 24, 2022 Service

At the grocery store this week all the Easter candy was a mess and what little that left was marked down.  I found a bag of M&M’s and took them to the checkout.  The cashier said to me, “It doesn’t seem like it should be Easter and it is already over.”  I understood what he meant and Easter Sunday has indeed passed.  However, for those of us in the church that follow the lectionary we are still in the season of Easter and will be until Pentecost.  

When we meet the disciples in our reading today it is still Easter.  It is the evening of the first day.  You may listen to the sermon by clicking HERE.

In Christ,

Rev. Melissa

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  1. revgramma says:

    Deeply profound and yet so ordinary. Seems to me that’s what we are: a mixture of the complex and simple. You speak to the whole of us. Thank you.


    1. bethelpcusa says:

      Thank you so much for your kinds words and encouragement!


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