July 10th Service

Have you seen the sign or meme that says, “Love Your Neighbor?”  Well we all know that Jesus taught us to love our neighbor, but the sign goes on to say, “Who doesn’t- Look Like You, Think Like You, Love Like You, Speak Like You, Pray Like You, Pray Like You, Love Your Neighbor, No Exceptions.”  That might seem a bit controversial and maybe even a bit hard to do.  The parable we hear Jesus tell today about neighbors probably also seemed that way.

You may listen to today’s sermon on the Good Samaritan by clicking HERE.

In Christ,

Rev. Melissa 

One Comment Add yours

  1. Gerald W Brewer says:

    Grew up in Bethel Church 1934-1957.
    The people the Church at Bethel have
    always been a blessing and help shaping
    my life. So many times throughout my
    life the Biblical teaching and memories
    have helped. Thank God for Churches
    that teach and live God’s word.


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