Easter Sunday


Today we celebrate the glorious day of the Resurrection of the Lord, Easter Sunday.

“Pascha [or Easter] is the central event, the time of transformation, of becoming a resurrected people, God’s new people. On this Sunday of all Sundays, Pascha, we celebrate our transformation as a new people. When Christ rose from the grave, death and all other “principalities and powers” that seek to entomb God’s will were forever defeated.

Easter is not simply the miracle of a dead person raised from the grave, but a celebration of power that can shatter death in order that people can freely serve the God of life. In the resurrection of Christ, God’s awesome purposes were on display, revealing a radically new world of peace and harmony and equality and mutuality, about which we can only dream. The Lord of the future has been disclosed to us. Both the incarnation at Christmas and the resurrection at Easter testify to the lordship of Christ. …” (Companion to Book of Common Worship). You may find additional information on what we believe about Easter here.

This morning’s service which includes two beautiful hymns “Jesus Christ is Risen” sung by Chip Houston and Dave Caudill on the piano and “You Have Come Down to the Lakeshore” recorded a few years ago with a duet by our own Lynn Tacket and Chip Houston with Dave Caudill on the piano.  You will find the service by clicking here.

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter Sunday! Rev.Melissa


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