August 9th Service

  • C65AD8C6-5F00-4A96-90B7-B9E042B8CA59Blessings to you on this the Lord’s day! It seems that no matter what there will be storms in our lives. Darkness and chaos that cause havoc and grief and this year seems to be a year filled with storms. Fortunately, we have a Savior who is able to walk with us through even the roughest of waters and catch us when we fall. This morning we will hear the miracle of Jesus walking on water. 

    You will find the service and musical selections by clicking on this link

    Thanks once again to our good friends Dave Caudill and Chip Houston for providing beautiful musical selections. We are blessed to hear Elizabeth Houston on the harp today

    You may view the musical selections by clicking on links

    Down By The Salley Garden
    To God Be The Glory

    Have a blessed week!

    Rev. Melissa

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