Monday 10 A.M. Prayer


As I read this morning an article siting a Harvard study, that states Mississippi is set to be the new national hot spot for Covid-19, I thought there is no better time to lift up Mississippi and all its beautiful people in prayer.  Today at 10 AM pray for Mississippi and all of the nation where Covid-19 is set to spread.  Here is a prayer I wrote that might help lead you in your time of prayer.

Almighty and All Loving God, we come before You at the start of yet another month where we are facing the pandemic.  We are tired, we are concerned, we are heartbroken, we are confused, we are angry, we are scared, and we long for the pandemic to cease.  We read and watch the news and see that the pandemic is growing in our area and that Mississippi is poised to become the number one hot spot in the nation for Covid-19.  Please loving God say it isn’t so.  Help us to do our part to slow the spread by keeping us mindful that wearing masks and social distancing is a way to show love for our neighbor and ultimately for You.

Be with our local, state, and national leaders that they may put into place wise and just policies that will help to slow the spread and insure safety for all of Your children.  We pray for teachers, parents, and students who have already returned to the classroom or are set to return soon.  May leaders and lawmakers value the concerns, safety, and well being of all they serve seeking to protect all of Your children.
Fill us with Your hope and peace so that we may face this time with clear minds, sound judgement, and love for You and one another.  We thank You for the many blessings which You give us daily.  We ask that You help us to focus on You during all the storms of life especially now during the pandemic.  In Christ’s name we pray.  Amen.
-Rev. Melissa Malinoski

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