Monday Prayer

college prayer pic

Each Monday we join together and lift our voices to God in prayer.  Today I have chosen to share a prayer from the Presbyterian Outlook for college students.  Many of you know this hits close to home for me as Morgen moved to Mississippi State University Friday and begins classes today.  I pray for all students, teachers, faculty, and staff as they face this challenging and uncertain school year.  May wise decisions be made and may all stay healthy and safe!  You may find more from the Presbyterian Outlook by clicking here.

Rev. Melissa
Let us pray.

Lord, you lead us through all of life’s transitions, those we expect and those that take us by surprise, the changes we welcome and the ones we resist with all our might.

As we embark on a new semester filled will uncertainty and different ways of learning, teaching and being community, we look to you for hope and courage. Whether we gather virtually or together, masked and socially distant, we trust that you are in the midst of us, drawing us close and holding us up.

Inspire us to creativity and innovation, service and collaboration. Do new things in and through us that foster abundant life for everyone. Help us to make choices that protect the most vulnerable among us. Grant us patience with one another when stress and fear are expressed in hurtful ways. Give every member of our campus your divine perspective that allows for grace, humility and compassion.

May our search for knowledge and purpose bear fruit in the shaping of a society that better reflects your loving kindness. In Christ’s name we pray, amen.

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